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Sign up for our FREE email newsletters today. ", [Related Feature: Why Apple rules UX, its native apps suck, and that's OK]. You might be thinking, I know that I’ve seen an Apple post on Facebook or Twitter before. Its Facebook page, for instance, has over 7 million likes. Apple Music has 7.5 million followers, the App Store is approaching 4 million, iTunes has 806,000, and the recently launched Beats1 account already has more than 314,000 followers on Twitter. Guess we’ll have to … You would think that Twitter would follow the same type of concept, but it doesn’t. If you don't have any followers, you won't see this option. They recently partnered with Twitter to create a “Retweet for updates from @Apple.” which was a brilliant move in itself. Stars. Fan Subscriptions. Facebook and Twitter users might notice more ads as the company is pushing Apple Pay + partnerships. The rules don't always apply to Apple, and social media is no different. Twitter. Right below your Facebook profile picture, you'll find an option that says Friends. Services has become Apple's second-largest segment behind iPhones, generating more than $24 billion in sales last year. When you say you want to see a list of your followers on Facebook, you may mean one of three different things.First of all, you have profile followers. In the past, the only way you could interact with a personal profile was to add them as a friend. At the moment, all of Apple's needs, and more importantly its customers and stakeholders on Twitter, are covered. That is more followers than any other UFC fighter and one of the highest numbers among sports celebrities. For example, during the holiday’s they have a “Give the Gift of Go with Apple Watch” campaign. A recent example of this is when the news about batteries inside of iPhones gradually being restricted came out. If you want to read more in depth into the various interactions you ca… But why? The latest TikTok statistics show that as of April 2020, the popular video app has been downloaded more than two billion times worldwide on both the Apple App Store and Google Play (Sensor Tower, 2020). In-Stream Ads. Freelance writer Matt Kapko covers enterprise IT for and Computerworld. This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only. CIO |. No worry as you still could target those people later via a custom audience which made by grouping people who engaged with your fanpage within certain amount of time. Remember, Apple doesn’t sell on social media. The campaign had 2.3 million followers on Twitter -- that account also has now been suspended -- and 2 million followers on Facebook. As of December 2020, the most-followed page is Facebook App's page with more than 211 million followers. If Apple would have published a statement about this on Facebook, you could imagine the amount of negative comments it would have received. Apple isn’t a conventional company by any means, but to realize how different it is from its competitors, one merely has to look at its social media pages. Click "Followers". [Related Feature: CIOs say Apple still doesn't care about enterprise]. by: admin on September 6, 2019 Facebook is one of the oldest and most popular social networking sites. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Eventually, Facebook added a way to follow profiles, if you have the setting enabled. Charli D’Amelio now has more than 100 million followers on TikTok, crossing a huge milestone for herself and the app. For example, the new Apple Music Tumblr page is consistently updated with details on upcoming features, information about popular artists and other modes of musical discovery. Add to that his @POTUS Twitter account (18.8 million followers), Facebook pages (22.4 million likes and 1.7 million followers), YouTube subscribers (103,000 and … Yes. And they’re smart for doing it. Then you actually look at Apple on Facebook and Twitter and you realize they have none of that. They use Twitter to advertise their launch events and keynote each fall. Having this large presence requires a solid team to curate content, respond to customer complaints, and assist users. As with its Facebook account, the Twitter feed shuts down over the weekend, and during the week it rarely tweets more than 20 times a day. Discover what your peers are reading. However it also deals with product queries and complaints, as well as responding to users who have mentioned the brand simply because they are planning a visit to the store or have just bought something. For a major brand with some 47,798 followers, John Lewis’ feed isn’t particularly active. Apple must recognize the power of social media because they have multiple sub-brands active on Twitter. A follow on a personal profile is a one-si… On top of the assurance that my team and I were nailing it – not to mention the huge ego boost – all those likes served another powerful purpose. Realizing and understanding that Instagram is a very visual platform, they positioned their strategy to a spot where all of their content is user-generated and shot from an iPhone itself. If you've allowed people to follow you, you can see a list of your followers by going to your profile, clicking Friends below your cover photo and then clicking Followers. Because you can turn the follow off. The next largest segment are users that have between 1,001 - 10,000 followers (37.41%) and together the two segments make up the majority of Instagram users. Ways to monetize on Facebook. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Apple is active on Instagram. The tech giant uses Facebook and Twitter to promote their products. How to see how many followers you have on FacebookFacebook makes it possible for you to have each pals and followers on the community. Apple Music has 7.5 million followers, the App Store is approaching 4 million, iTunes has 806,000, and the recently launched Beats1 account already has more than 314,000 followers on Twitter. Branded Content. Apple doesn’t completely eschew social media — it has accounts on the major social networks. Trump's personal account had an … When they craft a social media promotion, they are careful to not push a product to be a sales pitch. It’s a win win for both sides. A further 7.58% have 10,001 - 50,000 followers and only a mere 1.2% have 50,001 - 100,000 followers. In other words, TikTok was able to double its number of downloads in just over a year—a clear sign of the app’s skyrocketing popularity. Copyright © 2015 IDG Communications, Inc. Considering the strength of Apple's product-focused channels on Twitter, however, it's clear the company employs "at least a competent if not very talented bunch of social media managers. Click on the Followers option which lies at the end of the right-hand side panel. If you check out @Apple on Instagram, you’ll find that they make their account seem like a movement and a community more than a promotional attempt. While Apple generally distances itself from social media on a corporate level, the company's CEO Tim Cook and many of its flagship services, including the App Store, Apple Music and Beats1, take a more active and meaningful approach to the medium. At the same time, Charli and her family are expanding with a … When a person likes your page, they automatically follow your page as well. It hasn't exactly reversed course on social media, but it is striking a slightly different stance these days — or at least it's been more active, even if the effort is disjointed. Marketers pay top dollar for audiences on Facebook at that scale, but Apple apparently couldn't care less, despite the untapped and highly coveted opportunity. Popular ones tend to be things like ratings & reviews, social media page likes, followers, or retweets of a show's latest episode. If this would have happened to any other company, you would have expected a response and how they will fix it. Apple doesn’t need to do that; everyone knows who Apple is. How to Check How many Followers I have on my Facebook Account. The company doesn't appear to have any sort of official, overarching Facebook page, yet that unendorsed page has 5.5 million more Likes than Google's official (and highly active) page. While they don’t come out and explicitly say “Buy the new iPhone X” they are showing the pictures that come directly from an iPhone. Apple also hired Musa Tariq away from Nike last summer to become its head digital marketing director. "Having a Twitter account, if you want it to mean something, takes care, intention and thoughtfulness. Which could be true…kind of. The biggest advantage to Apple not using Facebook and Twitter is the lack of negative comments from users clogging their feeds. Go to the Facebook section of Creator Studio. Subscribe to access expert insight on business technology - in an ad-free environment. Freelance Writer, The blue verification badge lets people know that a Page or profile of public interest is authentic. How to allow followers on Facebook. Conor McGregor has a sum of 59 million followers across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Many companies cherish, and in some cases require, the reach that social media provides, to promote new products or minimize damage if something goes wrong. Try @AppleMusic. Create an account or log into Facebook. Hi Liraz, 1. How to Generate Revenue from a Historical Archive, Why Stakeholder Capitalism Is More Than Just Corporate Do-Goodism, Google backs down on app store cut in India, How Amazon’s Business Practices Harm American Consumers, Why Listening Is The Key To Success In Business, Why That Big Customer Will Kill Your New Business, Case Study: How Revlon got sued by its own shareholders because of a failed SAP implementation. Earlier in 2020, I decided to jump into Facebook in full force and increase my follower count.. And guess what: my most successful online store grew to 54,000 Facebook followers. Although, they don’t just say “This is the Apple Watch. View the list of followers you've on Facebook. When you think of a massive tech company like Apple you would probably think that they also have a large social media presence. But where other brands’ feeds would be full of information about their products, Apple’s … ", It's generally a bad idea for brands to follow Apple's approach to social media, thereby lacking a centrally managed brand presence, according to Berkowitz. The company launched its first social media ad campaign just 17 months ago and placed its bets on Tumblr instead of Facebook or Twitter. Need help? Hope this helps, Arie However, the nuances of social media mean companies that resist the road most traveled can ultimately succeed, and Apple proves this. There are a variety of ways you can monetize content on Facebook. But as they tend to have around 500 to 1,500 fans the posts get very few ‘likes’ or comments. ", Apple is a unique case, according to Berkowitz. If there's one thing Apple proves time and again it's that it doesn't have to — nor does it want to — follow the unwritten rules of business, technology or marketing. The US feed has 132,000 followers and does an excellent job of responding to @mentions, a vast majority of which are currently questions relating to the horsemeat scandal. That is why many seek to define their metrics to understand their audience better and make better videos. However, since Apple isn’t active on Facebook or Twitter, there was no waiting period. The tool that works best at the moment is the Follower Count since it allows tracking and analyzing the person's profile with Tiktok. Select each tab to learn more. So why have two buttons at all? The company is even more difficult to find on Facebook, but an unofficial page for an Apple Inc. "computer store" has more than 24.5 million "Likes." Apple's minimalist presence on social media, such as its unwillingness to use the @Apple Twitter handle, seems to bear no impact on the company and its generally positive perception among customers. All 12,921,598 total followers between the two platforms haven’t ever seen a post from the tech giant. People want updates directly from Apple so they’re going to retweet it…and give Apple more exposure on their event. I’m going to go ahead and quote a previous article we already wrote on this subject here. All 12,921,598 total followers between the two platforms haven’t ever seen a post from the tech giant. Apple typically pushes out Facebook ads around the holidays to encourage holiday shoppers to give the gift of an Apple product but have recently started pushing out more. This will open the list of friends you've on Facebook and show you how many followers you have on Facebook. Most brands use social media to increase their exposure and brand awareness. "Think about the majority of branded accounts out there, who's running them, the voice and the person, the governance (or lack thereof) of its engagement. There are two buttons right next to each other with those features, and when you click “like”, the follow button becomes clicked as well. But not every brand needs to be active on every major social network. Facebook has a massive number of users. The pervasive strength of Apple's brand means it can break rules other marketers must follow on Twitter, Facebook and other networks without consequence. It's an art, it's not a mandate.". Cook, for example, has collected 1.44 million followers since joining Twitter two years ago. In fact, they create so much buzz with their launch events each year that people will literally form a line outside their stores waiting for days to buy their newest product. [Related News: Some enterprise users feel neglected by Apple], "Apple doesn't need to, nor does it have a history of, communicating updates to either [Twitter or Facebook]," says Brian Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter Group. Cook also recently joined Chinese social network Weibo to promote some of the company's latest moves in that country. To allow Facebook users to follow your public posts, go into your settings by navigating to the arrow icon in the … Most brands are furiously creating content to stay on the “current trend bandwagon” to attempt to stay relevant in the social atmosphere while also pushing out information about their products. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates. Copyright © 2021 IDG Communications, Inc. Apple indirectly sells their product. People knew that Apple wasn’t going to post or tweet about it. However, they have a very strategic approach to that platform as well. When trying to measure the overall impact, performance, or “success” of a podcast, there's a lot of metrics you can look at. This list contains the top 50 accounts with the largest number of followers on the social media platform Facebook. 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"computer store", Google's official (and highly active) page, Some enterprise users feel neglected by Apple, Why Apple rules UX, its native apps suck, and that's OK, Top 9 challenges IT leaders will face in 2020, Top 5 strategic priorities for CIOs in 2020, 7 'crackpot' technologies that might transform IT, 8 technologies that will disrupt business in 2020, 7 questions CIOs should ask before taking a new job, 7 ways to position IT for success in 2020, 20 ways to kill your IT career (without knowing it), IT manager’s survival guide: 11 ways to thrive in the years ahead, CIO resumes: 6 best practices and 4 strong examples, 4 KPIs IT should ditch (and what to measure instead). By positioning their ad this way, they’re not saying “buy someone an Apple Watch because it’s an Apple Watch” but instead they’re saying “buy someone an Apple Watch and give them adventure and motivation.” Pretty clever, huh? What about some new beats to workout to? Go to your profile 2. More than 50% of Instagram followers have less than 1,000 followers (52.35%). So buy it.” so they’re not selling their product. The new official Facebook page for Apple Music also has more than 1 million Likes. Content creators have landed on TikTok this year, making it the new digital attraction for mobile devices. Users can create their personal as well as business profile on Facebook. "Brands should actually be more selective right now given that major social media channels typically require paid media budgets to amplify messages to a wide audience. "Apple would be a terrible example to follow [on social] for most brands," says David Berkowitz, CMO at creative and technology agency MRY. Personal profiles have a “follow” option in addition to the friend option. To give that some context, that's a little less than what Facebook … Click "Friends" below your cover photo 3. If no one is following you yet, you won't see this option. When Apple embraces platforms like Twitter on the periphery, however, it can amass a huge audience with relatively little effort. Apple could announce the official Facebook iPad app, or we could all be surprised to learn that Facebook has been completely integrated into iOS 5. Select the Monetization tab, then click Overview. Apple has repeatedly shunned the status quo and routinely defied the odds of success throughout its nearly 40-year history. And you need it. Although Apple’s digital marketing strategy might seem a little strange and out of the ordinary (because it is) they know what they’re doing and they do it really, really well. Users are still able to tweet at Apple but nobody besides that user’s followers are going to see it. Use @AppleSupport. Solis says that simply launching a branded account on social media to talk to potential customers also isn't always enough. "There's arguably no other brand in the world with that much love, and practical ownership of the mainstream media to the extent that it can always rely on the press to spread the word for them. ", However, Berkowitz also says it's hardly a best practice for Apple to ignore, even neglect, its loyal user base. Apple Footer.

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